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In this list of beautiful quotes are some of the best wise nuggets that could help someone going through tough times.

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With a few kind words, you are very likely to help friends and family stay hopeful. You just have to stay strong, remember to keep your head up and remain hopeful.

Perseverance comes with rewards so huge that you forget the pain. When you are afraid you always have a choice to accept the horrible reality or create a new reality. So give yourself some credit, you have consistently beat the urge to stay put and wallow in self pity. So keep swimming. But basically, I just wanted to say that I have read through hundreds of comments the last few days. Fans are definitely incredibly excited, and glad that it looks like Borderlands 3 is going to be above and beyond everything we are hoping it would be!

So thank you guys for all your hard work on creating the Borderlands games!

I have had some of the best gaming moments and memories playing through each game. I just wish I had a Delorean. You know, so I could hit 88mph and travel to the future to start playing it sooner!!

Moments Encouragement Fathers by Marilee Parrish

One of my favorite memories playing Borderlands was with the first one. That was awesome!

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Jumping off the buzzard tower in sawtooth, never so happy to have a video game character proud of me. That is the first raid boss kill i did with Bar off. After that kill i feel invincible and know that I can kill all of the raid boss with all characters, which i did.

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After this kill, i did not go back to how i kill raids before. By: Sharon Gamble. Wishlist Wishlist.

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God's Grace for Dads. Bible Promises for Graduates.

7 Phrases of Encouragement for Tough Times

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